About Shadow Docks

We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

We have worked with individuals and groups since 2013, working on anything from designs for patents, one off products and through to large systems and test equipment.

The reality is not any one project is ever the same. We have helped out with products, software, manufacturing, user experience, product evolution and strategies. 

We work with our network to ensure you have the right people for the project.


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Fiona Bennington, Design Lead, HeroShield

“If you want to inject some very genuine creativity into your project Mark should be your go-to contact. Working together on a very intense PPE design project for the pandemic made what could have been a very stressful experience a lot more fun. He is particularly skilled at rapid prototyping for problem solving and can make excellent, rapid decisions based on real data from testing. Mark should be proud of the input he provided for the lifesaving HeroShield design, we may never fully understand how many frontline workers and carers were saved from illness or worse as a result of this work.”

Dr. Jonathan Stewart, Advanced Technical Lead, Catagen

“Our partnership with Shadow Docks for our engineering design work has been very beneficial.
Mark is a talented engineer who has provided CATAGEN with innovative and creative designs for installations of complex automotive parts into our test reactors. Not only do the solutions provided by Mark work with the complex geometry often seen with the aftertreatment parts and pipe work, but also provide a gas tight seal and withstand large thermal stresses caused by the high temperatures (up to 1200 degC). CATAGEN look forward to our continued working relationship with Shadow Dock and would highly recommend his services.”

Dr. Robin Price, Local Artist

“Mark has been invaluable to me both as a design consultant and liaison with my fabricator. His eye for detail, breadth of manufacturing knowledge and CAD experience truly helped move my project into the bounds of the possible. I look forward to working with him again and would recommend him to anyone with design questions.”