What is Shadow Docks about

It was set up to to empower people to explore new opportunities and connect with people to help build a better product to support the world around us. The key to doing this is to – 

Learn: by embracing how and why people interact with objects to understand what drives them and what motivates them to create better solutions.

Share: ideas, concepts, and knowledge through interaction with anyone sharing their journey.

Build: products that genuinely help the world we live in

Inspire: others through the choices made

Evolve: Ensuring the approach to creating products and experiences are sustainable.


Mark McAleer

Founder ~ Product Designer ~ Engineer



Projects start with an idea. Creating a project or service from this can be daunting but not if you have the right people around you. Working with the right team can produce spectacular results making that idea truly come to life.




Once the idea is clear enough to picture in your mind it is time to bring it into the real world. From projects ranging from one off pieces to huge volumes production we can guide you through the process and set you up with the right people.




Products and services can change the world for the better but they will have an impact on it. We are passionate about minimising that impact. We will still create products that will delight, inspire and make peoples lives easier we will just be responsible in doing so.


How Shadow Docks can help 

We have been supporting individuals, start-ups and companies since 2013. Whether it be small updates to an existing products or a full end to end development we have the knowledge and network to support your needs.

We believe a product can be more than just a function, when the user is understood creating user experiences that are intuitive and considerate become just as important.

The process of creating products and experiences can be a journey. A journey that no one needs to take alone, by being open and honest throughout we can walk the journey together.

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